Comptia 220-902 A+ real exam questions and answers 2018

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Are you tired of failing your CompTIA A+ 902 exam? That ends TODAY.  With these practice questions, you are guarantee to pass the first part of the CompTIA A+ 220-901 exam. WHY? Because these questions and answers are the exact Q/A from the real exam. A word of caution – If you are new to the IT industry and have no real experience with computers, we encourage to get some experience with the Windows Operating System before purchasing these questions. Because If you do purchase these questions and answers YOUR WILL PASS THE EXAM. But you don’t want to pass your exam with no hands-on experience. Remember the A+ certification might get the door open (and it will) but your ability to perform the job will keep you inside. Now, for the rest of you who already know your stuff but need the A+ for the promotion, etc. GET READY TO SCHEDULE YOUR EXAM!!!

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Example of Questions and Answers: 


When using Microsoft Windows 8.1 Operating System, which of the following features allows scripts and snippets to run?

  1. One Drive
  2. XP Mode
  3. Power Shell
  4. Windows Firewall

Correct Answer: C


A technician is tasked with installing Windows on numerous network PCs. Which of the following is the QUICKEST method for getting a standard configuration to the PCs?

  1. Prebuilt image using PXE
  2. Single solid state/flash drive with answer file
  3. Hot swappable image drive
  4. Internal hard drive partition with the image

Correct Answer: A


A technician is remotely connecting to a workstation using SSH to transfer a security hotfix. Which of the following command line tools would the technician use to create a directory to store the hotfix?

  1. dir
  2. rd
  3. cd
  4. md

Correct Answer: D


A technician is performing a clean install of Windows on a new hard drive from a factory DVD, but the computer does not recognize the optical disc. A “non-system disk or disk error” is observed. Which of the following should the technician do FIRST?

  1. Update the motherboard firmware
  2. Check the cables
  3. Replace the optical drive
  4. Check the BIOS setting

Correct Answer: D


An end user needs to completely re-install Windows 7 on a home computer but it did not come with any OS discs. How would a technician accomplish this?

  1. Recovery partition
  2. Primary partition
  3. System restoreD. System refresh

Correct Answer: A

Performance based Questions: 


You need to configure your mobile device to send and receive electronic messages from your company. You must use the company’s WLAN as all e-mail services are on default non-secure ports. The company’s WLAN is broadcasting across the company for easier access. Both incoming and outgoing servers requires login credentials. These are the proper parameters:

 Username: tech@techies.com  Password: P@$$w0rd

 Outgoing server: mail.techies.com

 Incoming server: pop3.techies.com

 Company SSID: Techies

 40-bit Key: CA:FE:33:71:00

Instructions: When you have completed the simulation, please select the Done button to submit. Once the simulation is submitted, please select the Next button to continue.

CompTIA A+ 902 Simulation Quastion

Correct Answer: Please review explanation for detailed answer.

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